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We’re creating a new generation of hydrogen-powered commercial vans to drive the industry of green light commercial vehicles (LCVs) into the next technological era.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles are superior to all other alternative fuel-source vehicles, thanks to their greater vehicle performance and sustainability in production, distribution and operation.

Originally developed to power spacecrafts, fuel cells now have the potential to be used for vehicles too.
proton-exchange membrane fuel cells (PEM fuel cells) lie at the core of our powertrain’s technology. PEM cells convert the chemical energy of a hydrogen-oxygen reaction into electricity and pure water.

A Synergy of Purity and Effectiveness

The Roads are Ready
Hydrogen tanks are fueled in the same way as traditional vehicles, meaning the hydrogen fuel can be accessed at ordinary service stations. Therefore, there are significantly less limitations for building hydrogen refueling infrastructure compared to recharging electrical infrastructure.
As Pure as Water 
Whilst hydrogen-powered fuel is zero-emission when used, it has the potential to become the greenest solution we have when it is made from renewable energy-powered electrolysis or biomass. The decreased battery size of hydrogen power means less raw materials are used, which ultimately adds up.
Powerful like nature
The use of fuel cells resolves major shortcomings of commercial battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Their usage removes range anxiety, provides faster charging, and allows for increased battery lifetime. Simultaneously, fuel cells allow for a decreased battery size, which leads to greater cargo capabilities.
Increased durability
In contrast to only using batteries, hydrogen tanks can be refilled rapidly - without reducing their lifetime. Researchers have found that fuel cell stacks are able to outlive any other drivetrain components.

A Pioneering Capacity

Reload vans are the ultimate solution for the zero‑emission commercial sector. The use of hydrogen‑powered vehicles allows for higher efficiency alongside reduced environmental impact. It guarantees a longer drive range, an extended battery lifetime, and a greater payload. This durability leads to decreased lifetime costs, whilst the mix of utility‑driven design and modern software ensures for a great user experience.
Some highlights of our hydrogen-powered vehicles include:
Driving range is at least doubled, and sensitivity to temperature is decreased (*range decreases in cold weather)
Refueling speed is a maximum of 5 minutes (at least 12 times faster than BEV)
A larger payload is available: as the size of the battery decreases, the vehicle’s total weight decreases too
More cargo weight is available: as the size of the battery decreases, the vehicle’s total weight decreases too
Fuel cells allow for battery life-time expansion and lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Reduced dependency on the energy grid

A Fusion of Ideas and Expertise

We know how the automotive industry works exhaustively. Our expertise allows us to design a concept that is empowered in terms of product industrialisation and subsequent mass production.
This allows for two, unique aspects for Reload:
A modular platform
  • Maximised interchangeability across platforms
  • Flexible power configurations to fit any purpose
  • Shorter time-to-market
  • Lower initial capital intensity (less tooling, R&D expenditures)
A digital ecosystem
  • Cloud-based tools
  • Access to vehicle data through an API
  • Microservice architecture
  • Fleet management system

A cleaner future is essential

At Reload, we truly believe that taking care of the environment is everyone's responsibility. Thus, we have designed an alternative propulsion system to reduce climate-harming CO₂ and other toxic gases such as nitrous oxide.

State-of-the-Art Technologies Delivering Worldwide Impacts

Reload is a technological company that bonds a team of experienced professionals from a variety of industries. Distinguished by its experienced team – from leading technology and automotive companies – Reload designs a hydrogen-powered LCV to deliver maximum vehicle interior space and adaptable to support a wide range of vehicle applications for consumers and businesses.

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