Our mission is driving the industry of zero-emission light commercial vehicles to the next technological era

Engineering the hydrogen future
Founded in 2020
100% privately-owned
Germany-based tech company
Subsidiaries in Portugal and the UAE

Reload team

Our expertise in the automotive landscape allows us to design a concept that is empowered in terms of product industrialization and subsequent mass production

Artsem Kahan
CEO, Co-Founder
Wolfgang Puppe
Dimitri Sergeyev
CSO, Co-Founder
Galina Russell
Board Member, Investor Relations
Dieter Nebert
Executive Director, Reload Motors Germany
Indu Anand
Chief Business Officer, Reload Motors India
Peter Hopfinger
Advisor, Industrial Strategy
Prof. Dr. Heinrich Petra
Advisor, Partner Relations
Mr. KM Ahn
Advisor, FCEV Strategy
Dr. HS Lee
Advisor, FCEV Engineering Lead
Oleg Ischenko
FCEV Chief Purchasing Officer
Vladimir Glazov
FCEV Chief Technical Officer
Dmitry Meshkov
FCEV Project Director
Philipp Zhavoronkov
FCEV Chief Procurement
Andrey Sukhanovskiy
FCEV Chief Designer

Reload team background


We are always looking for talented and driven people to join our growing team and to change the future together

28 people currently on the team